TV Tone-up

The best kind of workout is a fun and entertaining one, which is where TV show workouts come in handy! Instead of being a couch potato, get moving with these unique exercises the next time you're catching up on your favorite shows.

Put Your Exercise Equipment in Front of the TV

Grab that treadmill that’s been looming in the corner of the room, and move it up front and center for the best view in the house.

See How Many Crunches You Can Do During the Commercial Break 

Don’t touch that fast forward button! These breaks are the perfect time to get some ab work in.

Do a Wall Sit During the Theme Song

Stand up against a wall and squat for the length of the show’s theme song. Try to stick it out for the whole song, but if you have to take a break, go for 30-second intervals.

Do Calf Raises During the Opening Credits 

As long as you see names and credits popping up on the screen, you’ll be working those calves!

Pick a Word and Do a Push Up Every Time Someone Uses It

If you’re daring, choose a word you know will be popping up often.

Relax During the Closing Credits 

You did it! Now take the time during the closing credits to stretch it out, let your muscles heal, and call your friends to talk about all the crazy stuff that just happened during the show.