Stretch Your Smarts

Stretch Your Smarts

Who said you need a classroom and a textbook to learn something new? All you need is a few minutes (hello break time!) and some brainpower to learn a new skill, keep up with current events, and become a pro conversation-starter at dinner parties.

Start a Podcast

Add an educational soundtrack to your break time walks with a podcast! There is something for everyone, whether you’re a science nerd, trivia fan, history buff, or just looking for a few laughs.

Solve a Puzzle

Grab your local newspaper and try your hand at the crossword puzzle. If you get stuck make it a team effort! Or if you are on-the-go, try a popular puzzle app on your phone!

Start Sketching

You don’t need to be a professional artist to enjoy some sketching or doodling. During your break, grab a notepad and draw anything around you. In case you were wondering, yes, stick figures count!

Learn Something Online

Yes, the internet can be used as an endless hole of procrastination, but it can also be used to learn something new in a matter of minutes. There are tons of online resources that offer classes and tutorials for pretty much any skill you can think of.Ā Pick a class, any class, and get learning!

Join a Book Club

Use your break time to read up on your club’s current book and get through a chapter or two.