A Spoonful of Color

A Spoonful of Color

Add some personality to your everyday cooking routine with this simple DIY project. These fun hand-painted utensils are an easy way to add a pop of color to your kitchen. All you need for this quick and budget-friendly DIY project is a set of wooden spoons, paint, a paintbrush, and painter’s or masking tape.

STEP 1: Taping

Place the painter’s tape around the spoon in your chosen pattern. Make sure the tape is fully sealed around the spoon by smoothing it down and checking for air pockets.

STEP 2: Painting

You’ll need a small paintbrush for the stripes. Choose your color pattern and start painting between the lines of tape. Switch up the colors and patterns on each spoon for a unique look!

STEP 3: Dry and Repeat

Paint two coats on each spoon, letting them rest on a jar to dry for at least five minutes between coats. Once the paint has fully dried, remove the painter’s tape and admire your work.