3 Ways to Rearrange for a Change

3 Ways to Rearrange for a Change

Take a break from your usual daily routine and switch things up a bit. Give one of your rooms a whole new look without knocking down walls or gluing your fingers together while applying wallpaper. Give your home a mini-makeover and make rearranging a cinch with these quick tips!

Try Something Different

Put a piece of furniture in a place you wouldn’t have thought about before.  You never know until you see it, and you might just love it! Don’t worry, if you don’t love it, putting it back is just as easy.

Create a New Focal Point

Is it the fireplace? The television? The view outside? The painting of the view you wish you had outside? Find the focal point and arrange your furniture around it or facing it.

Let the Light In

Switching up the lighting can dramatically change the appearance of a room. Brighten up a gloomy room with some natural light, a lamp or a colored bulb and see the difference it makes!